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Exhaust gas treatment series
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RTO regenerative incinerator

Activated carbon adsorption and desorption (RCO) catalytic combustion device

Activated carbon adsorption recovery device

FRP acid-base exhaust gas scrubber

PP acid-base exhaust gas scrubber

Nitrogen oxides exhaust gas treatment system

High concentrations of highly corrosive exhaust gas treatment equipment

High-temperature flue gas, kiln dust flue gas treatment

Medicine and chemical waste gas treatment

Solar Cell Silane Burning Tower

Leakage chlorine production accident absorption tower

Laboratory exhaust gas treatment equipment

Set machine exhaust gas equipment

UV photolysis catalytic converter

Plasma purification equipment

Plasma Composite Photocatalysis

Odor gas deodorization device

Biological deodorization device

FRP tank is capped

Activated carbon adsorption tower

Activated carbon fiber adsorption tower

FRP energy efficient fan

Fiberglass ventilation pipe

Mechanical winding fiberglass pipe

FRP acid tank

PP acid tank

FRP storage tank

Recumbent cross-washing tower

Industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment

Exhaust gas treatment equipment


Tel: 0519-81169886
Fax: 0519-81169881
Phone: Mr. Xu 13961189388
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Jiangsu lyshda environmental protection complete equipment co. LTD

Jiangsu Lai Shi of environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock cooperative enterprises, located in the economic, industrial development
Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Wujin District. Strong technical force, and the country more than 30 research and Design Institute, tertiary institutions have long-term technical development and cooperative relations.

This paper introduces the process design of paint exhaust gas treatment system
Release time:
2017-07-29 12:36
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It is important that the activated carbon adsorption recovery unit be properly operated
In the field of environmental protection work, in order to allow production activities to achieve the goal of environmentally friendly production
Release time:
2017-07-29 12:38
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FRP purification tower use precautions
With the development of industry, now around the industrial production of pollution is also more, a variety of different areas of industrial production of pollution
Release time:
2017-07-29 12:39
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The operation of organic waste gas treatment equipment should pay attention to what
In order to better treat the exhaust gas, the use of specialized equipment for exhaust treatment, in order to achieve the best effect of exhaust gas treatment. Organic waste gas treatment equipment, i
Release time:
2017-07-29 12:40
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