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Exhaust gas treatment series
Organic exhaust gas VOCs treatment equipment
Photoelectrolysis, plasma deodorization


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Jiangsu laishida environmental protection complete equipment co. LTD
Is a joint-stock cooperative enterprises, located in the economic and industrial development of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Wujin District. Strong technical force, and the country more than 30 research and Design Institute, tertiary institutions have long-term technical development and cooperative relations. The company mainly produces products are air pollution control equipment, deodorant equipment, laboratory waste gas treatment equipment, VOCs emission control equipment. FRP, FRP, FRPVC, CS / PO, CS/PE equipment and pipe cutting parts, anti-corrosion storage tank, pickling, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, anti- Slot, FRP electrolytic cell, FRP cooling towers, all kinds of non-standard tail gas absorption tower. Products are widely used in semiconductor, electronics, LCD, PCB and FPC manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, electroplating pickling, photovoltaic, polysilicon, solar cells, machinery, nonferrous smelting, chlor-alkali, titanium, petrochemical, power, automotive, environmental protection industry. The other for the user's different requirements for personalized design. Companies give full play to the major institutions and research and design institutes of the advantages of cooperation for users to quickly solve the problem and create a win-win results.
The company mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of exhaust gas purification equipment, anti-corrosion equipment, is scientific research, design, manufacture, installation as one of the Industrial Company. The company is strong in technology, with professional and technical team. Perennial hire a number of mechanical ventilation, environmental engineering, water supply and drainage, anti-corrosion environmental professional experience of senior technical adviser, engaged in new product development guidance. Enterprises to introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, to the community launched a number of domestic first-class level of products. The company has a more complete production equipment and product testing means, a sound quality assurance system and management system. The annual output value of more than 50 million yuan, annual production capacity of 85 million yuan.
Companies adhering to the development of professional products, provide professional services, create a professional brand for business purposes, and actively explore domestic and foreign markets. Sincerely welcome all parties and the vast number of users come to the Company for a wide range of exchanges and cooperation for the development of environmental protection work together!

Tel: 0519-81169886
Fax: 0519-81169881
Mobile: Mr. Xu 13961189388
E-mail: lsd@lsdhb.cn

Address: Changzhou City Wujin District Caoqiao Industrial Park 342 provincial highway on the 9th