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Tel: 0519-81169886
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Industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment


Industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment



Our company absorbs the advanced technology of foreign industrial exhaust gas treatment equipment and combines the practical experience of FRP and PPH (modified polypropylene) exhaust gas purification tower made by our company for more than ten years to research and develop a new generation of exhaust gas purification equipment. The series of devices designed for general control and automatic control of two forms to meet the different needs of users. At the same time the device also has a compact structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, and low running resistance, and thus supporting the fan power, energy saving, low noise. This series of equipment uses compact packing spray treatment process, the analog production test and actual use and monitoring by the environmental protection department, the treatment of hydrogen chloride (HCl) gas, purification efficiency above 95%, sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4) gas, purification efficiency About 90%, alkali mist (NaOH) gas purification efficiency of 93% or more. Therefore, this series of equipment is the most innovative and ideal purification equipment for exhaust gas treatment in industries such as chemical industry, machinery, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, steel industry, new energy photovoltaic polysilicon, solar cell module, electroplating operation and pickling industry.



1、purification efficiency and reliable:

In the process of research and trial production, in order to verify the performance of our products, our company specially invited the provincial and municipal environmental protection bureaus to carry on the simulated production test to the exhaust gas purification equipment of our company in this series of products and obtained a large amount of data. After analyzing and sorting, the hydrogen chloride HCl gas was 96.3%. The average H2SO4 purification efficiency was 93.2%. The average absorption efficiency of NaOH gas was 95%.


2、the structure design is reasonable:

EVDGS-B-G series of exhaust gas purification tower for the absorption of wet purification equipment, its functional design for the filler, spray grouped grading. When dealing with the exhaust gas is acidic, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) should generally be used to absorb the neutralization solution. When the treatment of exhaust gas is alkaline, generally with neutral or acidic water washing. The working principle is as follows: exhaust gas is forced into the pressure equalizing chamber formed by the fan inside and outside the jacket to the purifying tower, the exhaust gas is uniformly charged into the first-stage packing function section through the uniform grid, and the first-stage spraying is performed to obtain the second phase of the gas- Full contact with the exhaust after treatment by a gradual expansion of slow down into the secondary filler sprinkler function, and then make the exhaust gas to obtain more full two-phase gas-liquid contact reaction, and then after the liquid from the dispenser de-fogging , Exhaust from the outlet through the air duct into the atmosphere. Purified tail gas emissions in line with "Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" GB16297-1996 Table 2 requirements. According to the above design principles and functional requirements, DGS-B-G exhaust gas purification tower and other series of FRP acid mist purification tower compared to its structural design and accessories configuration, we have taken the following improvements.


(1) Improved the structure of circulating water pump system and its circulating liquid tank in domestic general purifying tower.

a, circulating liquid spray pump matching: Domestic general exhaust treatment equipment circulating spray pump horizontal centrifugal pump, the drawback is the seal ring easily damaged, liquid leakage, causing serious environmental pollution between equipment, affecting the operation, and maintenance frequently. Therefore, the DGS-BG glass fiber reinforced plastic exhaust gas purification tower manufactured by our company combines the characteristics of the commonly used decay resistant pump in our country and finally selects the FYS type FRPP corrosion-resistant liquid pump produced by Shanghai Yong'an Pump Factory as the tower circulating liquid spray Pump. The pump has high energy saving, low noise, no leakage, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, long service life and other advantages.

b, the structure of the circulating liquid tank: EVDGS-B-G-type purifying tower circulation tank that is the base of the tower, the main body with flange connected to the tower body, and separated by a drug tank, circulating liquid reflux tank function. The dosing tank is designed to meet the lye storage capacity of the decontamination tower during operation, and is designed to meet the capacity of thirty days of operation under standard operating conditions. The dosing tank is equipped with a manual dosing port, an automatic dosing port, . Circulation fluid backflow tank is to meet the normal operation of the purification tower, which has a design tank, backflow tank, filtrate, circulating liquid spray pump mounting, artificial access port, PH probe, level gauge installation port, fill port, overflow Outlets, sewage outfalls, liquid level meters and other components.


(2) The selection of new filter material-suspended ball (Ⅴ type) or improved step ring packing with large specific surface area, high perforation rate, fast liquid film formation and small groove-and-groove retention, instead of the commonly used Pall ring packing in China And Raschig ring packing.


3、FRP exhaust equipment, PPH exhaust gas equipment, reliable quality, performance assurance

According to the working conditions of the various parts of the exhaust gas purification tower, we have selected the acid-proof, alkaline performance and high structural strength of the resin as the substrate made of glass fiber reinforced plastic parts, tower body surface with waterproof, anti-aging gel coat resin so good Purification tower appearance forever bright color; structure, anti-corrosion layer can be adapted to long-term use, and the other to enhance the strength of the tower and installation, transportation convenience, tower body shell using a number of longitudinal stiffeners, and according to the size of the various models were used round Integrated structure of barrel segment and slice combination.

In the design of FRP shell, we consider the following comprehensive factors: FRP purification tower and other FRP products compared to its working environment is very poor, long-term corrosion in acid and alkaline work, and to bear the tower itself Pressure and solution pressure, but also to withstand the work of certain wind pressure (positive pressure or negative pressure - 1500Pa or so), it requires all of the FRP production both have good corrosion resistance, but also to maintain a high tensile, anti Pressure intensity. Taking into account factors such as the strength reduction factor under strong corrosion and the hand lay-up process, the entire FRP components remain richer in the toughest working environment for our tower structure and service environment Reserve strength.


Technical performance

Exhaust gas initial concentration Purification efficiency(%) Absorb neutralizing liquid
HCl≤500mg/m3 ≥95 2~6%NaOH
H2SO4≤500mg/m3 90~95


NaOH≤1000mg/m3 ≥93 neutral(H2O)


Installation and maintenance

1, the user should be based on the basic information provided by our company for concrete foundation construction, the basic installation surface should be guaranteed at the same level, allowing the error of not more than 5mm. Purification tower exhaust duct can be used derrick fixed foot and embedded steel welding fixed or embedded bolts fixed. Therefore, purification towers generally do not consider fixed. Glass fiber reinforced plastic fan is generally designed for steel frame vibration damping pedestal, so as long as the concrete foundation to ensure the level of the installation surface can be, if required for the hole, our company may also provide the basic map.
2, purification tower, fan installation according to the standard, according to the order of assembly, the fan should be installed to prevent debris falling into, so as not to damage the impeller. After the purification tower is installed, the tower must be cleaned of contaminants before testing.
3, Installation Note: Due to the general FRP is a flammable material, so the installation and maintenance process, should prohibit the use of open flame.
4, in order to ensure the purification effect, the concentration of circulating liquid in the tank when the exhaust gas is acidic, the general should maintain the concentration of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in the range of 2 to 6%, when washing alkali fog: the circulating liquid alkali concentration ≤15%. Therefore, the purification tower circulating fluid should be replaced on a regular basis.
5, in order to ensure the normal operation of purification equipment, it must be someone responsible for management, should always check the fan, the pump is running properly, the liquid level is normal, the fill water float switch is normal, the absorption liquid concentration is within the specified range and so on. Found problems should be promptly resolved.
6, purifying tower exhaust pipes, derricks, fans and other metal stents should be anticorrosive treatment every year, so as not to affect the use.
7, fans and pumps open operation: first open the fan when the boot, after the pump is turned off; first shut off the pump when the shutdown, turn off the fan.


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1, FRP purification equipment manufactured by our company is generally acid-resistant and alkali-tolerant. If users have special requirements, they should be indicated when ordering, and our company can be specially processed.
2, when ordering must indicate the orientation of the fan turning and purification tower and whether to use self-control dosing device, etc., to meet the design and use needs.
3, purification tower, fan supporting pipe, fixed derrick and other accessories, to be ordered separately, I plant supporting the supply, non-standard pipe on behalf of the design drawings can be processed, the implementation of preferential supply.
4, our company can handle shipping for the user on behalf of the user (packaging materials and shipping costs borne by the user) and for the user to guide the installation and installation.


Quality assurance measures, after-sales service work

1, I company from the raw materials into the production process to the company, there is evidence to be found. All parts according to technical standards for production, according to strict quality inspection standards. Products out of the company have a random certificate, with general plans, civil infrastructure and a description of each one. So that the quality of the enterprise has been more reliable guarantee.
2, the product implementation of the "Three Guarantees", the company entered into force once the contract, the establishment of user accounts, regular visits to users, listen to opinions, in time for the user service, manufactured products free services within one year, two years to receive costs or technical service fees, three Year implementation of preferential supply.
3, for the convenience of users, our company to provide guidance or installation of on-site equipment installation, if there are other special requirements, can be specific Qiadan. I abide by the contract company, rapid delivery, enthusiasm for customer service, welcome to visit the company and negotiate.
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